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Sustainable Career Making

Sustainable Career Making

A programme for creatives who are looking to create a financially viable, sustainable and deeply rewarding career.

Identify and test ideas for your future while developing a mind-set that will ensure you succeed.

Tell your story and connect with other creatives and  develop life-changing habits. Take yourself on a journey of discovery and new opportunities.

Flyer outlining the Wayfind Creative programme
Portrait Of AJ Reid, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“Wayfind Creative has been incredible for me to find the tools, knowledge and support for this stage of my career.”

Portrait Of Claire Ahuriri-Dunning, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“What sort of business structure should I be doing? What should I be doing about my taxes?
These sorts of questions can be really intimidating as a creative but Wayfind Creative really helped me answer those questions.”

Clare Ahuriri-Dunning
Award Winning Game Designer
Portrait Of Coral Noel Yang, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“The vision, mission and goalsetting workshops are very helpful.”

Coral Noel Yang
Filmmaker & Painter
Portrait Of Judy Rogers, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“I just couldn’t believe how informative it was… and I really do recommend it to anyone, whether you are established or not.”

Judy Rogers
Steampunk Artist
Portrait Of Laura Donkers, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“This series of courses really help you to speak about your work, which, rather than staying in your head, actually becomes a reality.”

Laura Donkers
Ecological Artist
Portrait Of Keb Hart, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“There is so much great advice”

Keb Hart
Portrait Of Veronika Sola, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“…learning the business tools that us creatives never actually got to learn at art school.”

Veronika Sola
Portrait Of Ariki Perana, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“I get to network and do a lot of really cool stuff here”

Portrait Of Mette Hay, Participant In Wayfind Creative

“It keeps me fueled up”

Meet our Mentors

“The greatest strength of being a creative is their vision and ability to create…”

Alison Steiner is a business advisor for creatives looking to improve or develop a sustainable lifelong practice.

“I want to pass the lessons I’ve learnt during my creative journey to others.

Felicity Letcher is a leader within the screen and creative industries who has held key positions in industry-led organisations.

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