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Our People

Meet our Creative Business Consultants

Alison Steiner

Alison is a business advisor for creatives looking to improve or develop a sustainable lifelong practice.

Alison looks forward to working with Wayfind Creatives, using her business knowledge, skills and experience to improve the outcomes and incomes of creative practitioners. She hopes that by formalising their creative practice she can help creatives build sustainable careers and enable economic, social and creative wellbeing.

Alison will work with creatives to help develop their business and life plans and budgets. She can assist with accounting, marketing, management, development, fundraising and sponsorship, commission negotiation, exhibitions, property ownership and management and bank finance negotiation.

Alison’s experience has evolved over the last 25 years working within creative practices and navigating the business journey in a way that offers a strong understanding, empathy and ability to reflect on how a creative enterprise might evolve.

Alison has worked with a range of creatives through private business. She was part owner and business manager of a successful creative business and she has worked within The University of Auckland Faculty of Arts as well as amongst the arts community.

Alison welcomes the opportunity to chat and see how she can work with creatives to enhance their creative business endeavour.

Alison Steiner/

Felicity Letcher

Felicity Letcher standing in front of a whiteboard presenting a workshop

Felicity is a leader within the screen and creative industries who has held key positions in industry-led organisations. She has led production, gaming, theatre and dance companies giving her a deep understanding of creative and screen companies.

She is the partnership manager of AMO, founder of Auckland Screen Alliance (ASA) and ran the ASA
On Screen Sessions during Covid. Until Covid 19 March lockdown she worked for Auckland Unlimited on the attraction of Amazon and Netflix Originals and developed the Screen Development programme that has since been continued by Auckland Unlimited and the screen industry.

Felicity pulled together and led the Screen Sector Covid 19 Action Group which has been recognised for getting the first screen safety rules approved by central government in the world and pushed for screen to be included in stimulus package by central government. She has worked with Screen Canterbury to develop a Screen Action Plan and NZTE on a study of regional studio demand in New Zealand. She holds a great deal of mana and respect across the sector.

Felicity started her journey in the creative industries as a producer and has since led production, gaming, theatre and dance companies which gives her a deep and unique perspective of the creative industries and arts sector – including working at Flying Fish, for Michael Parmenter and Silo Theatre.

Felicity owns and manages Main Reactor a leading props and makeup effects company with her husband Roger Murray based in Henderson Auckland. They have worked on large tent pole productions including Mulan and The Meg, creature design for Ash Versus Evil Dead and props and creatures for the Shannara Chronicles. Felicity strongly believes in fostering stronger business practice and capability within the creative industries and has run several producer training courses.

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